It goes ISP modem/router Switch 1 > Dell server (Windows Server) This one is visible in the modem's config settings.

I upgraded from 5.

100/24 gateway xx. .

This VM needs interfaces to both Proxmox bridges created in step 1.

0/24 subnet to the Proxmox host.

I have tried adding the following static route to pass traffic for 10. . .


#3. 36. This will bring up the following pop-up window.

59 and 34. 10.



However somewhere along the way I managed to interchange gigabytes (GB) and gibibytes (GiB), so for example the PROXMOX application shows the two VMs as being 8. Hi.

1) Upgrade. .

You may add an address in each subnet to the Proxmox bridge, but it is not required.
Within Proxmox, I experimented with different network adapter models for the virtual Windows machine, including Intel E1000, virtIO, Realtek RTL8139, and VMware vmxnet3.

1 and it did not resolved the issue.

The firewall is disabled for the vm.

. Everything seems to work except for the detection of a VM's network adapters during NOS installation. 1 bridge-ports eth0 bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0.

(Keep that saved we'll need it for the configuration within proxmox) So now we need to setup the VM inside proxmox; we do this by setting the primary NIC interface Mac Address to that of the one just created. Running VMs will be painfully slow but containers will work fine. . A simple topology graph here. So my suggestion would be to remove the address as well as the gateway from eno1 and change iface eno1 inet static back to iface eno1 inet manual.

However from my machine on the office lan 10.

168. .

A simple topology graph here.




Create two new Proxmox bridges, one for every subnet.